Colombian dry fruits-black chocolate aroma vs. Brazilian roasted hazelnut-milk chocolate.
Available for your coffee here or to take home :)

Although we often joke that real coffee lovers drink hot coffee even on the hottest summer day, we understand that some might look for their espresso shot - with a twist, far from the usual ice coffee solution. In these cases, we recommend Espresso tonic, a refreshing, ice cold drink. Only for t...

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We can prepare a fruity, slightly acidic tasting espresso for you, if that's what you like; but in case you prefer a more stronger, chocolate taste in your cup, we can prepare one from a different roasting batch - either way, just let us know what you're into. :)

Unlike most cafes in Croatia, we don't use tap water when serving a glass of water to the guests neither we use it for making coffee. Even though Croatian water is safe to drink, we know that water quality is important and it can affect the taste of your coffee. That's why we only use spring wate...

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Shout - out to our baristas who work hard to improve their skills and gain knowledge about coffee science & coffee art. We are blessed to raise such passionate young professionals <3

Finally, we are using eco friendly straws! So colorful and guilt free - and they go so well with your favorite refreshing drink :)

New product! We have created a new, energy & health booster in a form of refreshing, cooling, non alcoholic drink, ideal for hot summer days.
Matcha ice tea with lemon grass.

For us, every step in coffee business matters - from buying precious goods ethically, roasting green coffee beans in a knowledgeable way, making sure our coffee comes out healthy&flavorful, to having skilled staff who will prepare the perfect coffee cup. It's far from an easy task, but loving wha...

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Iskustva korisnika

prije mjesec dana
Osoblje na mailu izuzetno kulturno, uslužno i brzo. Hvala vam na usluzi. Za svaku pohvalu ste! 👍
- Ante K
prije 4 mjeseca
Najdraže mjesto u gradu za ledenu kavu tijekom cijele godine, a ne samo ljeti. Lijep interijer, ljubazno osoblje i jako dobra kava.
- Lena D
prije 6 mj.
Odlično, a mogao bi se usuditi reći da je ovo najbolje mjesto za popiti najbolju kavu u gradu. Imaju odlični izbor svojih blendova kave, koje ujedno možete i kupiti da imate i po doma. Uz kavu se dobije izvorska voda, s kojom se možete poslužiti u bilo kojem trenutku. Odvojena mjesta za pušače. Ako i niste kava tip za vas je onda i velika ponuda raznih piva. Preporuka.
- Franjo Ž

Specialty coffee roaster&coffee shop

WHO we are?
Specialty coffee roastery and coffee shop located several steps from center in Zagreb.
WHAT we do?
We roast specialty coffee scientifically to avoid the formation of acrylamide and increase the antioxidant potential.
HOW we do it?
We use software for the development of sugar and proteins in coffee without redundancy of acrylamide. All of this is done using custom made roasters and deep insight of coffee beans and roasting process.
So you can enjoy a sweet, fruity and healthy coffee.

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  • 01 3639 074


Preuzmi upute
Ulica Nikole Tesle 9/1
10000, Zagreb

Radno vrijeme

pon:09:00 – 22:00
uto:09:00 – 22:00
sri:09:00 – 22:00
čet:09:00 – 22:00
pet:09:00 – 22:00
sub:09:00 – 22:00
ned:10:00 – 18:00
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