In the world of coffee domination, it's easy to forget about the "mighty" tea. We offer a fine selection of organic, tasty and creative teas that will satisfy our customers who are true tea lovers. So, come in and don't be afraid of our "coffee lovers only" wall sign ;)

The past month we were roasting new coffee from India. It is simply a different coffee: charming, unique and flavorful! You just have to learn to appreciate it, just like its country :)

Consistency in the quality and preparation of beverages is important to us. For example, every matcha tea has a certain preparation procedure, temperature measures, specific "tools" and base weight that we follow - making sure that every cup has the same great taste as the last one you had here.

Coffee pods for your espresso machine are available here! Freshly roasted Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia...Decaf too. Stop by and see it for yourself :)

Making "turkish coffee" can be an interesting sight, especially if you never tried this type of coffee. You are welcome to order it & observe the preparation at the bar, just ask our staff to call you up when the sand is hot enough to start. And yes, you can take photos, we won't mind :)

In this business, sometimes, only couple of seconds can decide - while roasting coffee & „reading the beans“ - if its gonna be an amazing batch or a ruined one. Special attention in the roasting process is, among few other things, what makes coffee - specialty coffee.

Colombian dry fruits-black chocolate aroma vs. Brazilian roasted hazelnut-milk chocolate.
Available for your coffee here or to take home :)

Iskustva korisnika

prije 3 tjedna
Fenomenalno...jucer bio prvi puta,danas drugi,mslim da cemo se od sad pa nadalje gledat:))preporuka svakom koji uziva u čarima kave!
- tedy r
prije 3 tjedna
Velik izbor , za svakoga ponešto, kave ,čajevi, pive, cijene su oko 20kn po piću, turska kava vrlo ukusna i dobije se jedan rahat lokum, kavu s keksima definitivno preporučam, ledeni čaj s vocnim sokom isplativa količina koja se dobije za cijenu, mali prostor,ali vrlo ugodan
- Lucija H
Najbolja turska kava u gradu. Super što se može kupiti mljevene kave za doma...
- Robert P

Specialty coffee roaster&coffee shop

WHO we are?
Specialty coffee roastery and coffee shop located several steps from center in Zagreb.
WHAT we do?
We roast specialty coffee scientifically to avoid the formation of acrylamide and increase the antioxidant potential.
HOW we do it?
We use software for the development of sugar and proteins in coffee without redundancy of acrylamide. All of this is done using custom made roasters and deep insight of coffee beans and roasting process.
So you can enjoy a sweet, fruity and healthy coffee.

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